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Information name: Duro Technique/Instant Energy Multiplication Technique/Marrow Washing Technique Video Information Collection

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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22571. Duro Technique/

Instant Energy Multiplication Technique

Instant Energy Multiplication Technique Seven Moves to Make You Energetic.pdf 647.67kb

Instant Energy Multiplication Video Instruction.mp4 24.95M

Marrow Washing

00 [Must See Before Learning Marrow Washing Technique] (Male).mp4 177.60M

Section 01: Yi Jin Six Stances (Male).mp4 117.50M

Section 02: Phoenix Nirvana (Male).mp4 147.70M

Section 03: Cleansing the Marrow and Opening the Kidneys (Male).mp4 43.44M

Section 04: Nourishing Qi and Strengthening the Kidneys (Male).mp4 96.15M

Section 05: Dacheng Fuyang Pile (M).mp4 49.64M

Section 06: Shuangmu Tuana Gong (Male).mp4 41.85M

Section 07: Xing Jing 甩陽bian (Male).mp4 93.69M

Section 08: Pointing to open the Yin orifice (Male).mp4 63.58M

Section 09: Washing the marrow draping (Male).mp4 41.90M

Section 10: Marrow washing and tapping (M).mp4 37.03M

Section 11: Returning Qi Meditation (M).mp4 21.17M

Section 12: Summary of Practice Precautions and Taboos (Male).mp4 21.70M

Dokuro Technique.pdf 816.28kb

Nine-fold Joyful Extreme Bliss Method.pdf 129.73kb

The First Room Secret Technique in the World-《Fu Shou Dan Shu》ming. Wuzong Collection.pdf 9.26M

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