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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22610. Feng Niangma spells/

Spell 01 Decree to cut ghosts and retreat evil spirits

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Spell 02 Daoist Eight Immortals Tong Ling Shen Shui

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Spell 03 Five Thunder Fans Sacrificial Divine Art

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Spell 04 Mountain Grave Earth Moves, etc.
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Spellbook 05: Cultivation of the Holy Symbol

Fire Palm Man Burning Evil

Anti-Pestilence Evil Palm

Pan Gu transformation palm to collect evil

Cultivation of Truth and Holiness Amulet

Jade Emperor Palm of All Gods
Spell 06 Hide the body to stop the evil and cure the evil.

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Spell 07 Anti-fighting and hiding spell

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Spell 08 Maoshan Evil Master Method

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Spell 09 Dantian Saves Sick Water

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Spell 10 Bury the Evil Palm


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Spell 11 Five Dragons Chung Shui Zhen House Purification House


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Spell 12 Ziwei Zhenzhu Jiqing Charm


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Spell 13 The Five Rampant Wealth Creation Method

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Spell 14 Five thunderbolt evil master water bowl spell

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Spell 15 Purification altar to solve the obscenity law water


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Spell 16 Medicine King Water


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