Wudang Xu Weihan《Ziwu practice dirty trick》 video 6 episodes

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Information name: Wudang Xu Weihan 《Ziwu practice dirty trick》 video 6 episodes

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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22638. Wudang Xu Weihan《Ziwu Practicing Dirty Skills》Video/

01 Nourishing the Liver in Spring

Spring Liver Care 1-2.mp4 147.37M

Spring Liver 3.mp4 207.07M

Spring Liver 4.mp4 196.04M

02 Summer Heart Tonic

5-8 Summer for the Heart.mp4 715.59M

03 Autumn for the Lungs

Autumn for the Lungs

9-12.mp4 698.72M

04 Winter tonifying the Kidneys

Winter for the Kidneys 13-16.mp4 703.63M

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