Folk Maoshan Yaochi spells 200 sets collection

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Information name: 200 sets of folk Maoshan Yaoji spells collection

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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22747. Folk Maoshan Yaoji Spells 200 Sets Collection/


Fetus charm

Adult and child frightening spell

Nightmare Disruption Charm
House Removal Charm

Release soldiers to fight evil palms

Harmony Law
Dissolving the grievances of relatives and debtors
Dissolving the Law of Falling Births
Lupin talisman to ward off evil spirits

Maoshan Eight Trigrams Palm

Maoshan Four Spiritual Talisman Starting Bowl of Water Method

Maoshan Yaochi Upward Teaching Harmful Law

Demon repelling talisman with body use

Evil Removal Water

Tian Shi peace talisman with body hanging car

Wu Gong exorcise ghosts and evil spirits talisman

Charm for children to receive touching fright

Medicine King amulet for removing plague

Remote Scare Collection

Fortune Inviting Charm

Fortune Inviting Charm

House Calming Charm

Stop Bleeding


Teach the folk magic talisman An nativity Yuanchen Gong Plant bamboo to prolong life secret method Start the light method Start the light spell

Guanyin spell

Guanyin Ancestor invites water to hide the family to protect the body and eliminate disasters and prolong life and dispel diseases.
Cure evil spirits

Lu Ban Enlightenment Method

Maoshan Tibetan soul holding rice driving the temple

Maoshan hit women

Maoshan bone nine dragon water set

Maoshan sacrifice skull and bones to attract yin wealth method

Maoshan Qishi water bowl method

Maoshan cultivation talisman

Maoshan Yaochi Qijiao praying for blessing and relieving bad luck and other methods

Maoshan Yaochi Qijiao inviting the Master Gong to attach an altar chart

Maoshan Zhang Ling Gong interpretation of signatures

Maoshan all kinds of spiritual talismans

Temple God altar set

Breaking the fetus and collecting the soul

Sending gods and generals to collect evil demons

The secret of sacrificing the stars and worshipping the dou to eliminate disasters and prolong life and surrender blessings to hide souls and protect lives

Heavenly Heart Thunder Healing Secrets for Sickness and Disease
Heavenly Doctor Altar Method
Five Hundred Money Harmful Law

The Five Gongs Guanyin Method

Five Ghosts and Yin Soldiers Seeing Blood to Seal the Way Method

Five Thunder Fans

West Heavenly Ankara God Statue

Yao Ji Qi religion fighting law and evil complete set

Yaochi Kikyo Fazu 18 Houses

Yao Ji Qi religion over teaching talisman

A set of the Medicine King method of curing real illnesses

Yin Gong set

Marshal token for issuing troops to drive away evil

Zhenwu refining body method

Cure evil disease set

Catch and Release Ghosts


Poor Four Heavenly Kings into the talisman style

Teach Laojun to change his body into an altar and forbid the evil gods and evil teachers to enter the altar to do harm to one

Teach Maoshan token to drive away evil soldiers and horses to protect the body secret

Teach the red bib of Maoshan Yaochi Qijiao

Teach the secret of the Maoshan Yaochi Qicho talisman.
Teach Maoshan Yaochi Qicho to start the altar to summon the gods to invite the secret of the universal spirit charm

The secret of inviting the gods to write the talisman.
Transmitting the secret of the Maoshan Yaochi Qicho religion
Teach the Mao Mountain Yao Chi Qichuan to change gods and drive away evil spirits
Teach the Mao Mountain Yao Chi Kai religion five battalions of soldiers and horses to call for the refining of the altar method

Teaching the Maoshan Marshal method of sending troops to the palm.
Maoshan hiding cultivation method

Maoshan Body Sealing Charm

Maoshan Yaochi Qijiao teach the cultivation of Dharma body cultivation method

Maoshan Yaochi Qiqiao Ancestor Divine Altar (Upper Altar)

Expel heavy evil send evil four secret talisman method

Yaochi Enlightenment Invitation to the 11 Teachers (Lower Altar)

Yin transmission of the Maoshan Yaochi Enlightenment Sect Judge School Establishment Altar Method (middle altar)


Anzaijin altar secret method

Eight trigrams to protect the body secret talisman method tutorial

Marriage Dissolution Method

Supernatural Abortion

New Year Eve secret method of seeking wealth and protecting family
Teach the evil witch ghosts and demons for the evil spirits in the house to collect the official matter of mouth and tongue to avoid the Mars charm

Teach Maoshan Buddha a bowl of water

Teach Maoshan Fujin to protect the body general secret

Teach the Maoshan Tortoise Immortal dream travel (to urge and) method

Teach the Maoshan Tai Shang Lao Jun Medicine King Alchemy Water
Teach the folk secret to promote the dragon and prosperous house

Teach the folk Taoist spell An nativity Yuanchen Gong planting bamboo to extend life secret method to start the light method to start the light spell

Teach the folk Maoshan Heavenly Master to hide and fight evil decision
Teaching folk snow mountain water (simple)

Teach folk throat treatment method

Nightmare-breaking talisman
The method of releasing life and saving suffering

Father and son not to pass on the charm to protect life
Goddess of Mercy Water

Guanyin Ancestor invites water to hide the family to protect life and body to eliminate disasters and prolong life and dispel diseases.
Dissolving unjust debts

The tutorial of Taiyin Koyi charm form
The secret method of blocking disasters at home

The tutorial of the method of prohibiting evil dogs

Tutorial on the Nine Heavenly Maidens\’ Refuge Charm
The method of sacrificing tokens
Six nuns and twenty-eight stars palm decision
Lupin Scraping Water
Maoshan Birth Protection Charm
Maoshan Body Sealing Charm
Mao Mountain Wine Ritual
Maoshan magic spell for curing evil spirits
Maoshan secret five thunder gods palm fighting evil method tutorial

Maoshan secret hemostatic technique tutorial

Maoshan Qishi Water Bowl to Collect Evil and Cure Disease Secret

Maoshan water bowl method of exorcising evil

Maoshan collection of forbidden official mouth and tongue method

Maoshan altar before cutting off ghosts and curing Yin people method

Maoshan order for eliminating disasters and relieving bad luck

Maoshan Yaochi Qijiao palm decision to expel evil secret decree

Maoshan chopping grass to solve the evil division of the evil law of the whole sect

Mysterious spirits and legal

The secret method of collecting spirits and fright for adults and children
Secret transmission of nine dragons divine water to transform the bone water a (complete version)

Secret transmission of the six armor divine weapons to remove evil talisman law tutorial

Secret transmission of Maoshan to increase the power of tutorial

The secret transmission of the evil protection talisman tutorial

Secret transmission of Yan Wang pressure ghost file all feng shui unfavorable charm form tutorial

Secretly transmitted to attract wealth and prosperity store prosperous family secret method

Pu\’an Evil Repelling Spell Method

Puan ancestral house charm method
Seven stars change house palm decision

Tutorials on the spell to drive away ghosts
Expulsion of evil spirits spell

Tutorial on the secret talisman form of the Thunder God of Exorcism

Secret Method of Taking Yin Sword

San Qing Tian Zun Help Palm

San Yuan General Spiritual Extermination Palm

San Yuan General Soul Chasing and Evil Suppression Method

Tutorial on the Tree God Family Charm
Tai Shang Lao Jun Life Preservation Talisman Tutorial

Iron Ox Body Protection Technique
The method of traveling down to the underworld

Five thunderbolt talisman tutorial

The Archery of Disaster Elimination

Xuan Nui Order Amulet

Yang Tian Gu beat ghosts and eight trigrams palm

Yaochi Chakra Secret Secret Talisman Technique
Pill King Sun Reality Secret Talisman Tutorial

King of Medicine for actual diseases
King of Medicine set of methods for curing real diseases
Night road ghost breaking talisman tutorial
Night dream ominous exorcism talisman tutorial

Nocturnal hiding spell method
Remote Scaring Secret Method
A complete set of Zao Wang method

Inviting wealth amulet

Charm for Attracting Good Fortune
Secret spell for attracting opposite sex.
Treatment of female gynecological diseases

Teaching a set of systematic method to cure evil diseases


Eight Immortals Tong Ling Shui

Secret method to protect the family

Collapse Mountain Defeat Dragon Exterminate Human Smoke Charm Technique

Marriage Breaking Method

Teach Maoshan Yaochi Qijiao to invite the gods to write secret talisman secrets

Spell-breaking techniques

Beat the ancestral family gods

Guanyin divine water

The Turtle Fairy dream meeting spell to promote harmony
Secret method of transforming Taiyin
Repayment of Yin Debt

Laojun changing body into altar

Laojun alchemy medicine king water method

The method of sacrificing tokens

Token to drive away evil spirits and protect the body of soldiers and horses

Maoshan ghost haunting home method

Maoshan surrender method

Maoshan open gold well to escort evil people secret

Maoshan forbidden official mouth and tongue method

Maoshan yaochi zhongtan

Maoshan Yaochi Qiqian Fengniangma method

Maoshan Yaochi start teaching An ancestor altar position on the altar

Secret Maoshan increase Kung Fu tutorial

Seven Star Lamp

Thousand jack squeeze

General San Yuan chasing the soul to suppress evil

Iron Bull Closed Body Order

Walking amulet

Yao Chi Ghosts\’ Bedtime Secrets

Yao Chi Kai religion core Dharma lineage inheritance

Yaochi Qi sect lower altar

Night Road Ghost Breaking Charm Tutorial

Yin Eye Seeing Ghosts Method

Marshal Hairy Palm Technique

Palm lightning

Paper man to prevent disasters and replace sickness charms
Ancestral grave leakage

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