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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22950. Mantra Collection/

Group A Spells

Love Perfume.jpg 2.10M

Frozen Binding.jpg 2.12M

Hypnosis 1.jpg 2.12M

Amulet Consecration Ritual.jpg 2.15M

Kissing Charm.jpg 2.13M

Introduction.jpg 1.98M

Lemon 1.jpg 2.05M

Lemon 2.jpg 2.16M

Psychic Vision 1.jpg 2.09M

Psychic vision 2 invisibility spell.jpg 2.19M

Raining spell.jpg 2.00M

Invisibility 2.jpg 2.22M

Desire, Figure of Desire 1.jpg 2.12M

Desire. Figure of Desire 2.jpg 1.88M

Defeat Hate.jpg 2.16M

Healing Friends.jpg 2.16M

Healing Friends2.jpg 1.85M

Healing Body Pain2.jpg 2.15M

Healing Body Pain and Hypnosis2.jpg 2.16M

Indulgence. Wine of Desire1.jpg 2.07M

Indulgence. Wine of Desire2.jpg 2.08M

Group B Mantra

IMG_20180419_131205_BURST002.jpg 2.09M

IMG_20180419_131205_BURST003.jpg 2.08M

IMG_20180419_131205_BURST004.jpg 2.09M

IMG_20180419_131225_BURST002.jpg 1.85M

Love Scented Bag.jpg 2.01M

Love Scent Bag 2 Becoming Attractive.jpg 2.09M

Becoming Attractive 2.jpg 1.78M

Pet guardian.jpg 2.09M

Pet Guardian 2.jpg 1.92M

Pet Guardian 3.jpg 1.87M

Money Spell.jpg 2.04M

Money Spell 2.jpg 2.03M

Money Spell 3.jpg 1.96M

Bottle spell.jpg 1.97M

Bottle spell 2 money spell.jpg 2.11M

Powerful Prayer 2.jpg 2.06M

Powerful Prayer Charm.jpg 2.11M

Let others get close to you.jpg 2.09M

Let others be close to you2.jpg 1.80M

Guardianship spell.jpg 2.01M

Guardianship Spell 2.jpg 2.02M

Guardian Charm No.2.jpg 2.12M

Guardian Spell No.2 2.jpg 1.60M

Water divination.jpg 2.11M

Foreshadowing spell.jpg 2.10M

Group C Spell

3×3 Spell.jpg 2.12M

3×3 Mantra 2.jpg 2.13M

IMG_20180419_131344_BURST002.jpg 2.02M

Nightmare Spell Release Negative Energy.jpg 2.15M

Curse of Nightmare.jpg 2.07M

Rejoice.jpg 2.07M

Rejoice 2.jpg 2.02M

Spell of Power.jpg 2.11M

Guardian of Dreams.jpg 1.91M

Guardian of Dreams2.jpg 2.23M

Let break up 2.jpg 2.16M

Birthday Ceremony.jpg 2.24M

Birthday Ceremony2.jpg 2.38M

Birthday ceremony3.jpg 2.35M

Birthday ceremony4.jpg 2.11M

Birthday wishes.jpg 2.06M

Birthday wishes2.jpg 2.03M

Releasing Negative Energy2.jpg 2.17M

Release Negative Energy 3.jpg 2.08M

Binding Spell.jpg 2.15M

Dream of Death.jpg 1.98M

Dream of Death 2.jpg 2.01M

Improving performance.jpg 2.15M

Stop Intimidation Let Break Up #1.jpg 2.09M

Stop Intimidation.jpg 2.05M

Group D

Love Candle Ritual.jpg 2.29M

Writing Power Spell.jpg 2.25M

Writing Power Spell 2.jpg 2.23M

Writing Power Spell 3.jpg 2.22M

Writing spell guide.jpg 2.24M

Changing Eye Color.jpg 2.13M

Red Love Candle Ritual.jpg 2.12M

Witch juice.jpg 2.14M

Make Someone Call.jpg 2.10M

Lost Link Spell.jpg 2.11M

Binding spell 2.jpg 2.22M

Binding spell 3.jpg 1.61M

Asking for love spell.jpg 2.25M

Love spell 2.jpg 2.16M

Incense spell 1.jpg 2.07M

Incense Magic 2 – Magic House.jpg 2.36M

Incense Magic 3 – Letting go.jpg 2.20M

Stop the Rumor.jpg 2.18M

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