Wudang Mountain Kidney Hall five sets of video courses such as packaged kidney strengthening seven styles

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Information name: Wudang Mountain Ji Kidney Hall five sets of packaged strong kidney seven styles and other video courses

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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22750. Wudang Mountain Ji Kidney Hall five sets of packaged kidney strengthening seven postures etc./

The second step in meditation: refining the breath

03 Shun belly breathing.avi 288.93M

2 Teaching.avi 458.55M

Trailer [Free Trial].avi 37.08M

The first step in meditation: shape shifting and meditation

Instructional Video.avi 379.35M

Trailer [Free Trial].avi 76.61M

The best way to restore jing to the brain for men

01 Primary method of restoring essence to the brain.avi 57.21M

02 Primary method to restore the essence of the brain live teaching video.avi 684.38M

Kidney strengthening seven styles

01 Teacher Yixian introduces the Seven Stances of the Kidney.avi 27.92M

02Wudang International Martial Arts Conference Celebrity Performances of the Seven Styles of the Kidney.avi 574.48M

03 Video testimonies of the Seven Styles of the Kidney.avi 1.18G

04Warm-up moves for practicing the Seven Stances of the Kidney: Kidney Shaking.avi 177.26M

05First posture: Qi-eating method.avi 376.13M

06Qi-eating method face-to-face video.avi 1.37G

07 Second posture:.avi 738.80M

08Nourishing Qi method face-to-face video.avi 2.14G

09Third posture: front and back kidney shaking.avi 535.54M

10Front and back kidney shaking face-to-face video 1.avi 1.49G

11Front and back kidney shaking face-to-face video 2.avi 713.60M

12 The fourth posture: double shoulder kidney rotation.avi 554.50M

13 Double shoulder kidney rotation face-to-face video.avi 328.21M

14 The fifth posture: double palm kidney rotation.avi 556.33M

15 sixth form: palm twisting kidney.avi 822.52M

16 The seventh posture: forward and reverse kidney.avi 636.97M

Lung Clearing Internal Exercise

001 Yixian Teacher and Disciple Demonstration of Dantian Internal Qi Resistance to Striking.avi 12.88M

002 Clear Lung Nei Gong Member Video Testimonial.avi 69.13M

003 Preparation for practicing Clear Lung Nei Gong.avi 294.05M

004 How to breathe in Clear Lung Nei Gong.avi 442.49M

005 The method of luck in clear lung internal gong.avi 580.19M

006 Preparation, breathing, and luck of clear lung internal gong face-to-face video.avi 454.31M

007 The first form of Clear Lung Nei Gong.avi 512.51M

008 Clear Lung Nei Gong First Form Face-to-Face Video.avi 410.40M

009 Clear Lung Nei Kung Second Form.avi 834.30M

010 Clear Lung Nei Kung Second Form Face-to-Face Video.avi 642.88M

011 Clear Lung Nei Gong Third Form.avi 348.15M

012 Clear Lung Nei Gung Third Form Face-to-Face Video.avi 658.79M

013 Summary explanation of Clear Lung Nei Gong.avi 681.69M

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