Zhongwen 《 Maoshan Folk Law》2021 4th video 8 episodes courseware

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Information name: Zhongwen《Maoshan Folk Law》2021 4th video 8 episodes courseware

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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22811. Zhongwen《Maoshan Folk Dharma》2021/4/

Zaizhangfa Kanji.jpeg 143.90kb

Xiang Xiang Mountain 1.jpg 158.41kb

Xiang Xiang Mountain 2.jpg 167.84kb

Lesson 1 Rituals.mp4 342.92M

Lesson 2 painting blessing steps.mp4 238.05M

Lesson 3 millet method soul collection.mp4 477.77M

Lesson 4: The method of attracting wealth Guanyin borrowing the treasury.mp4 290.18M

Lesson 5: Clean house Ziwei method to promote peach blossom.mp4 349.69M

Lesson 6 pay back the Yin debt dream grant method.mp4 335.04M

Lesson 7: Returning the child to open the treasury.mp4 595.97M

Lesson 8 BeiDou transit inviting the nobleman wealthy and powerful six lines.mp4 409.48M

Maoshan Folk Law 2021 4th lesson.pdf 16.73M

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