Min Zhen 20 Taoist medical trick a set of video 20 episodes

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Information name: Min Zhen 20 Taoist medical masterpieces a set of 20 video episodes

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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22814. A set of 20 Taoist medical tricks by Min Zhen/

01 Quick treatment of frozen shoulder.mp4 37.04M

02 Women Cold in the Womb.mp4 95.55M

03 Rhinitis and manipulation.mp4 89.61M

04 Hemorrhoids.mp4 94.00M

05 Taoist gong methods to solve kidney deficiency.mp4 100.26M

06 Spot Removal Beauty.mp4 80.68M

07 Hormonal Face and Acne.mp4 74.27M

08 Quick solution to insomnia.mp4 65.90M

09 Quick Fix for Diabetes.mp4 114.44M

10 Breast Enlargement Problems.mp4 85.84M

11 High blood pressure recipe.mp4 104.45M

12 Moxibustion for low blood pressure.mp4 130.70M

13 Moxibustion for Stomach Problems.mp4 87.42M

14 Synovitis.mp4 70.48M

15 Quickly replenish qi and blood.mp4 152.73M

16 Quick control of pediatric diarrhea.mp4 44.29M

17 Quick solution for pediatric whooping cough.mp4 104.73M

18 Pediatric bloating.mp4 65.29M

19 Pediatric Hernia.mp4 78.62M

20 Pediatric panic drooling.mp4 91.16M

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