Jiang Shuyang Kung Fu practitioner practice essence into Qi / refining Qi into God / refining God to return to the void video 15 episodes

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Information name: Jiang Shuyang Kung Fu practitioner practice essence into qi/refining qi into god/refining god back to the void video 15 episodes

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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22824. Book Jiang Yang Refining Qi and Transforming God/

Kung Fu practitioner Jiang Shuyang Refining and transforming qi

2022-02-03 114951.mov 81.12M

2022-02-03 115017.mov 94.97M

2022-02-03 115045.mov 147.54M

2022-02-03 132724.mov 25.53M

Refining Qi and Transforming God

00 [Free lesson] Refining Qi into God, the secret key to open the Great Circumference.mp4 26.54M

01 Lesson 1: Take off its form, get its spirit.mp4 110.18M

02 Lesson 2: The Secret Method of Regeneration.mp4 31.38M

03 Lesson 3: The Art of Connecting Heaven and Earth, Opening the Great Circumference.mp4 40.21M

04 Lesson 4: Connecting to the World, Developing the Brain.mp4 41.06M

05 In-class summary.mp4 9.35M

06 [Important Tips].mp4 14.18M

Refining the Gods and Returning to the Void

1. Introduction.mp4 7.24M

2. Unity of Mind and Spirit, Self-Integration of Heaven and Earth.mp4 43.80M

3. Stretching the tendons and pulling the bones, uniting the mind and will.mp4 18.81M

4. Open up the Chong Chakra, Qi rushes through the Chung Chun.mp4 19.68M

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