Fu Gang eight feng shui diagnosis and treatment of disease course video 5 episodes

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Information name: Fu Gang Bazi Feng Shui diagnosis and treatment of diseases course video 5 episodes

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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22864. Fu Gang Eight Characters Feng Shui Diagnosis of Diseases/

Section 1: Theoretical basis and academic-historical origin of the eight characters and face reading to diagnose illnesses.mp4 336.47M

Section 2: Introduction to the eight characters combined with face reading to assist in tongue diagnosis and diagnosis of diseases and skills.mp4 129.62M

Section 3: Introduction to the origin and application of sutra formulae.mp4 116.17M

Section 4: The complete process and analysis of disease management cases.mp4 114.66M

Section 5: Introduction to the basic gong method of Taoist meditation.mp4 91.94M

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