Golden Dragon Son Overtaking All Law Law of Paying All Yin Debts

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Information name: Golden Dragon Son Transcendence of All Dharma Repayment of All Yin Debt Dharma

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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/07/22B07061. Golden Dragon Son The Law of Transcendence of all things the Law of repayment of all Yin debts/

1. Tong Yin Formation

Tong Yin Formation.mp3 451.63kb

Tong Yin Formation.pdf 113.97kb

2. Transcendental Method

Transcendental Law.mp3 955.56kb

Transcendental Law.pdf 662.20kb

Buddhist Universal Transcendental Table Text.pdf 112.47kb

3. Repayment of Yin Debt

Taoist table of repayment of yin debt.pdf 92.67kb

Repaying Yin Debt.mp3 434.53kb

Repaying Yin Debt.pdf 867.41kb

Transcendence Repayment of Yin Debt (Student Notes).pdf 953.59kb

Answers to questions.pdf 146.35kb

Course Introduction.pdf 91.45kb

Oral seal.mp3 199.66kb

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