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Detailed description: 大珍本秘本:Republic of 《Secret arts a thousand kinds》, rich in content, all 《万能诀》 《神仙诀》 《新秘戏》 and other rare and bizarre secret recipes, within the collection of 《新嫖經》, less children ah. The Republic of China in the 30th year of the Great Books Bureau printing. Inside the collection of 1000 kinds of secret arts, involving a number of fields, many are unheard of secrets, such as drinking wine not drunk secret, fishing since the secret, female fetus to male secret, men and women with love secret, etc., and how to make ugly women become beautiful, let the disabled recovery, etc., extremely practical value, valuable, all today hard to find knowledge. The most rare is the book collected 《 new whoring scriptures 》 《 big gambling cave 》 《 bureaucrats to identify 》 and so on, should be very good. This set of books survived is not easy, the year the print run is very small, after the successive movements, survived so far is rare, now can see such as the phoenix hair rare, you cherish. It is called a secret book. Rare antique books Civil War Secret arts a thousand kinds

This book includes: the method of governing the family, the method of making a living, experience techniques, social field, business studies, agricultural field, craft factory, gold and silver library, jewelry store, clothing library, diet spectrum, dwelling knowledge, beautiful appearance, new secret play, universal art, divine decision, health department, medicine bureau, first aid formula, prevention set, bureaucratic advice, etc. A total of 24 categories, thousands of secret arts

Almost all aspects of people clothing, food, housing, transportation, life and entertainment are covered

Some of the content inside is strange and mysterious (please use caution, the consequences are unknown, once used, the consequences are at your own risk

Be careful

Be careful

) The content of the book is very practical and still useful today, such as: diet, medicine, first aid, etc. Not to list them all, the content is too much

This book has more content and more extensive, and fewer surviving, so it is also very rare

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