Wang Faling lectures on Ziwei method (Yu Jian Er) Taoist hidden secret method

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Information name: Wang Failing Spirit Presents Ziwei Method (Rain Gradual Ear) Taoist Hidden Secret Method

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It has been handed down in Maoshan, but has never been taught to the public. This time Wang Faling was allowed by the ancestor to teach only one period.

Ziwei internal practice method Ziwei method of pain relief

Ziwei stop bleeding method

Ziwei Snow Mountain Method

Ziwei method of exorcising evil spirits

Ziwei healing method

Ziwei body protection method

Ziwei method of cutting off demons

Ziwei to get rid of evil spiritsZhiwei to transform evil spiritsZhiwei peace law

Ziwei hundred solution method

Ziwei wealth light array

Ziwei Wenchang light array

Ziwei praying for blessing light array

Ziwei Hundred Solution Light Array

Ziwei change luck light array

Ziwei Break the Great Law

Ziwei cut the evil order

Ziwei Inviting Gods Law

Ziwei Sending Gods Law

Ziwei Palm

Ziwei Harmony Law

Ziwei Divine Palm method of resolving illnesses

Ziwei blowing to dissolve disease method

Ziwei Water Law

Ziwei Order

Ziwei Wenchang Law

Ziwei hiding the soul method

Ziwei Seal Body Method

Ziwei demon collecting method

Ziwei anti-counterfeiting method

Ziwei universal opening method

Ziwei practice magic weapon method

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