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This course is taught by Mr. Qing Yun, every time the transmission of the law has attracted everyone fire to join as to everyone trust in me.

1. Gold and silver ancestors to promote wealth taboo (prosperous source of wealth)

2. Gold and silver ancestors to guard the wealth tab (protect the wealth to prevent breakage)

3. Gold and silver ancestor treasury tab (to increase the amount of accumulated wealth)

4. Gold and silver ancestor partial wealth tab (sudden and unexpected wealth)


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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/08/22B08039. Qing Yun Jin Yin Ancestor four taboo pujas/

1. Jin Yin Ancestor Four Daoist Pujas/

2. Gold and Silver Ancestor Shou Cai tabernacle.mp4 176.18kb

3. Gold and silver ancestor treasury taboo.mp4 118.88kb

Gold and Silver Ancestor four taboo pujas.mp3 563.48kb

The four taboo pujas of the Gold and Silver Ancestors (with answers to questions).docx 706.35kb

Jin Yin Ancestor Four Daoist Pujas (student notes).docx 134.83kb

Course introduction.docx 11.34kb

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