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I. Invitation to Spirituality:Invitation to Spirituality\”

is a method of communicating with the gods, not only to communicate with them, but also to improve the magic power. The ability to improve psychic powers is very useful in the application of Taoism.

Secondly, the art of recruiting soldiers:

Secretly teaches the method of recruiting soldiers.

Three, the art of refining soldiers:

Through refining the soldiers, the quality and ability of the divine soldiers can be improved.

Fourth, the art of releasing soldiers:

The refined soldiers and horses can be placed anywhere and used, the difference between good and evil is in a thought.

Five, the art of collecting soldiers:

Teach the method of retrieving soldiers and horses. The key to the use of spells is the ability of the soldiers and horses. The size of the magic power lies in the size of the ability of the soldiers and horses, recruiting, refining, releasing and collecting soldiers is the secret of the secret, the first public. This method to learn well, the future use are very spiritual

Sixth, the book of talisman refinement techniques

This is a method to improve the spiritual power of the talisman and improve the efficacy of the talisman, which can give full play to the great ability of the talisman.

Twelve: Separation Technique

This method specializes in separating the third party, and is applicable to the third party in marriage, as well as to the separation of friendships and friendships.

Thirteen, Laojun hundred diseases water technique

Laojun Hundred Diseases Water Technique is a kind of water technique for healing diseases, and it takes days of practice to succeed.

XIV. The art of retreating from diseases

The art of retreating the whole body from diseases.

Fifteen, the art of retreating from evil

Can retreat home ghosts, evil spirits, fatalities, all evil possession on the body.

Sixteenth, the art of harmony

The art of harmony is used for marital discord and family discord.

XVII. Inquiring Mind Technique

XVIII. The art of attracting wealth

Next book

I. The technique of breaking the official fates of children

2、Breaking the marriage official brake
3、Breaking the official fatalities

4、Breaking the Official Fate and Fate Technique
V. Secret techniques to help students
6. dream transmission of immortality
Seven, the art of prolonging life
Eight, the art of breaking the grain
Nine, debt collection techniques
X. The art of avoiding disasters and changing luck
Eleven, love registry
XII. Flying fairy techniques
Thirteen, the magic of the evil mage
XIV. The art of breaking

Fifteen, palm thunder secret art

XVI. Thousands of miles flying talisman to release the evil spell

XVII. Thousand-mile flying talisman to punish evil spells
Eighteen: Thousands of miles flying talisman to retreat from disease
XIX. Thousands of miles of flying charms to hook the soul

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