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Through the universe of the mysterious space field to probe the patient body of the disease, but also with the mysterious space field to collect the universe of the elixir, in the body of the gathering refining into a Dan, because this Dan gathered a variety of natural drug information energy, once the Dan into, not only your own body of the disease all disappeared, but also for the patient to cure, without any drugs and equipment, is the realm of the true miracle doctor.

The first part is the \”Xuankong diagnosis method\”, this method can be learned in two or three minutes, after learning immediately to practice the use of what a thousand miles to diagnose the disease, the air to diagnose the disease, it turns out to be a matter of words.

The second part is the \”Xuankong Alchemy\”, this method first training their own ability to collect medicine, and then through the refining of medicine, the collection of spiritual medicine in the body to refine into Dan. Through practice you will soon be able to pick up information about the medicines in the universe (most people can do it on their first practice), which is wonderfully interesting. This work is not only for their own healing, if you can put in the hard work, to be inside the body Dan into, the magical spaced healing is completely in their own a flash.

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