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1-Summoning the Pancreatic God to return to his body

Increase the magic power and enhance the power of your own Yuan Shen. Become the incarnation of Pan Gu Da Wang, open up the sky to improve their own combat power, a hundred fights, whether men or women, or white, can be harnessed. (Whether Buddhism, or other sects can be summoned to enrich)

2 – Nine Heavenly Yuan Meditation

Cultivation of internal energy, get rid of the three corpses and five flavors, enhance the magnetic field of the self, get rid of negative energy, dissolve their own wrongdoers, injustice. Practice simple practical unlimited time and place

3- Seal the evil temple door

Seal the evil gods, evil temples, evil immortals, evil hall mouth. Let them not make magic, very simple and practical, a use of the spirit, will not backfire harm to themselves and their families

4-Secret method of self-defense

Prevent the evil spirits from attacking, evil law. Protect your home, yourself, and your family from being attacked.

5-Prevent pain, swelling, and decreasing pain
Reduce swelling and pain and treat trauma. It can be operated either remotely or near, no complicated process, a little bit will work.

6- Exorcise ghosts and sweep away demons

The demon can be effectively solved, such as haunting, ghost bed, or company or store, home is not clean, magnetic field is not correct can be solved in one move.

7-Doing magic to protect oneself

Strengthen their own safety from harm. If the evil master comes to offend, you can directly protect, forming bronze skin and iron bones, as well as rebound back to each other.

8-Enlightenment Law

Enlighten items, idols, and increase power. Simple and quick, simple steps, practical and effective features.

9-The jack-in-the-box

Let the evil master, evil people shall not move to torture. Can be remotely under the law, so that the other party soul encroachment, direct deduction of soul suppression, so that the bad guys have nowhere to hide.

10- Solve retreating evil spells

Solve all evil spells, immortal law. Whether it is being played by people under the law, or Thai surrender magic, can be solved, quickly solve the problem.

This law pulse away from the extremely strange overbearing, hand in hand a move to teach,

Both men and women, white, or Buddhist practitioners can learn. There are no taboos

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01. Pangu Daewang Yuan Shen Returning to the Body (49 Days of Inner Refinement)

Pangu Da Wang Yuan Shen Returning to the Body (49 Days of Inner Refinement).mp3 691.45kb

The return of the original gods of the Great King of Pangu to the body.docx 240.71kb

Order of Pangu.mp4 12.72M

02. The Nine Heavens of Yuan Meditation (Internal Refining to dispel the three corpses)

2. The Nine Heavens of Yuan Meditation (Inner Refinement to dispel the three corpses).mp3 1.33M

The Nine Heavens (Inner Refinement to dispel the three corpses).docx 139.19kb

03. Sealing the Temple of Evil (Sealing the Temple and Sealing the Altar)

3. Sealing the Temple of Evil.mp3 736.17kb

Seal the Temple of Evil.docx 70.25kb

Word order.mp4 10.41M

04. Secret method of body protection (fighting protection)

Secret Method of Body Protection.docx 195.57kb

Secret Method of Body Protection.mp3 439.31kb

Fu.mp4 7.40M

Fu feet.mp4 912.45kb

05. Removal of pain and swelling

5..docx 107.10kb

5..mp3 374.91kb

.mp4 7.74M

06. Exorcism sweeping (m hitting ghosts)

6. Exorcism of evil spirits and sweeping.docx 160.57kb

6. Exorcism sweep.mp3 865.97kb

Burning charms.mp4 5.20M

07. Defense fighting (palm charm counterattack)

7. Defense Fighting.mp3 595.41kb

Defense fighting method.docx 102.38kb

Fu order.mp4 10.57M

08. The law of enlightenment (idol)

8. Law of Enlightenment.mp3 605.39kb

taboo.mp4 5.49M

Law of Enlightenment.docx 33.47kb

09. jackknife (pressure on the soul to punish evil)

2022-08-09 12.90M

mmexport1658665140451.mp4 9.50M

jackknife(press soul punish evil).docx 238.94kb


2022-08-09 5.70M

2022-08-09 5.65M

Course Introduction.docx 12.25kb

Pangu Method I.pdf 8.13M

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