Hao Tian Xuan Di Dharma Lineage Phase 10

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A, keep the heart decision

Introduction:This method does not require practice

Over the work that the spirit

We often practice gong when the mind is turbulent

Even a chaotic idea a chaotic idea can not stop popping up

greatly affects the efficiency of the practice of gong

This method can make the mind quiet

Eliminate most of the thoughts, chaotic thoughts, evil thoughts, etc.

The essential method for practicing gong

Second, the protector of the god king ear report secret law introduction: this law needs to practice

This method will be practiced after one or more protector god king descend

At any time around

When checking things, the God of Protection will instantly report in his own ears the origin of the things that need to be checked

Three, black thunder chopper water

Introduction: This method does not require cultivation

The work is the spirit

This method is the law of the edict of water

Also known as water law

This method edict out of the law water can split evil and cut ghosts

Very powerful

More can always practice the same bowl of law water

When you need to use the direct splash

The effect is explosive

Far from ordinary water and martial arts

Four, Qiankun retrospective restoration method

Introduction: This method does not require practice

Over work that spirit

Many people learn the law everywhere

Received a lot of harmful to their own law chakra

Resulting in their own fortune can not

Bad fortune

And this method can be directly to these harmful to their own Dharma lineage all clear

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