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《Ganxing Shijing》: \”The Big Dipper is called the seven governments, the marquis of the heavenly powers, also the emperor for the car.\” The emperor was sitting on the seven stars of the Big Dipper to inspect the four directions, set the four seasons and divide the cold and heat.

This method: can add to increase their own force power and puja altar energy, add string ornaments light open items, plus the energy of the charm hold, in any law also things can use light this formation, let the fruit effect More obvious, perform the law more like getting fish water, more can pray for yourself and your family

The transmission of the internal teaching:

1. 1. How to place the Northern Light Dou Array
2. How to channel the energy of the Big Dipper
3. The direction of placing the North Dipper array

4. The key points for activating the formation

5. How to add the energy of the spell?
6. How to add energy to oneself and to the altar

7. The use of formations in puja lights

8. The use of light formations to pray for the blessings of the family


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