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Wen Chang Dijun Dharma lineage This Dharma lineage is taught by Zheng Yi Shang Qing Da Dong Chuan Du San Zi Fa Shi Huan Qing

Teaching content:

1, Wenchang Dijun cultivation method, including mantra cultivation, change of spirit, pile work. This method can add wisdom and enlightenment, get ten days to protect the law to accompany, add literary and official luck, good luck to accompany, evil does not invade, enhance physical fitness.

2,Wenchang emperor protects the body law, the law must protect the body when going out.
3,Wenchang emperor edict, can be used to open the altar to perform teaching, perform the law to perform science, blessing items

4,Wenchang pouch production method, placed to facilitate the study of the official career, the transformation of the evil

5,Kui Xing point bucket and cure child rebellion law

6,Wenchang Li Xue Li Lu Da Zhen Array Array

7,Wenchang change the library to increase luck by changing the library to carry out enchantment

8,Wenchang Refinement of objects, you need to prepare a natural material Wenchang Tower to refine into a magic weapon and then enchant the objects.

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