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Tell you why adjusting the feng shui does not work, do not work well with the law of prosperity.

Tell you how to use specific methods to change your fate to change your fortune, how to grasp life and enjoy a healthy, happy, happy and rich life.

There are methods to dissolve the negative bad information.

There are feng shui formation methods to dissolve bogeys.

There are spells to flush open the wealth bank of the current year,

There are spells for worshipping family gods and land to promote talent.
There are secret methods to promote talent by the God of Wealth.

1. It can promote wealth.
2. It can drive away evil spirits

3. It can increase the energy of the charm

4. Can be put out to solicit business


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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/08/22B08083. Cheng Ming Teacher Course – Cheng Ming Teacher 《Yang Yin All Round Prosperous Wealth Method》/

The \”Yin-Yang\” method of prosperous wealth by Mr. Cheng Ming
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Chengming wealth class

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