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Learn this trick, the highest \”energy in the universe, will continue to pour into your body

The method of collecting qi with true intent originates from the uppermost form of the ancient Dan Dao 《 Xuan Dan Shen Xiu Zhi》, this method is the most advanced method of collecting qi, completely without the use of acquired intent……

The universal gas collection methods are all post-tense methods, which are nothing more than the use of imagination to collect the sun, moon, stars and mountains and rivers, the gas collected is also post-tense gas, post-tense gas energy is not strong, so the practice of post-tense gas collection methods often end up feeling nothing at all in the body, the corresponding effect of strengthening the body is also minimal

The purely innate method of collecting qi is a purely innate method, which does not require any innate intention.
Just need to enter a specific state, activate the spirit, can collect the highest level of energy in the universe – innate energy

The first time you enter the body, the practitioner can intuitively experience the powerful energy running in the body, the whole Dantian is full of strong but comfortable heat feeling, into the whole body spread… If you can understand this method, and constantly pick up the first qi of the first heaven, can make your body and mind get a great physical and mental rest and relaxation, not only can cure the internal stubborn disease, but also can make the white law to black, skin thinning……

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