Sanduo teacher Fa Gua class (4th period) recording text pictures

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Three buckets of legal trigrams lesson (fourth) recording text pictures. A very rare Fa Gua course. Redundant net disk sharing, interested friends WeChat contact

Fa Gua has an important place in the Taoist system since ancient times, a trigram in the hand can pass to the gods

But this Fa Gua is not just buy one on the Internet can be used, a Fa Gua it is important magic weapon

It must be opened and refined, invoke the gods to protect the trigrams to be able to use a hundred times,

Especially the Master gave the most powerful magic trigrams. In the class will explain in detail the use of the magic trigram.

Teaching content

1:Types of Fa Gua.

2:Dharma trigram enchantment method.

3:The three methods of playing the magic trigrams.

4:What is the holy trigram and what it represents.

5: What is the Yang trigram, representing the meaning

6: What is the Yin trigram and what it represents.

7: How to communicate with the spirits using the Fagua.

8:The method of asking the gods for trigrams.

9:Cause and effect method of checking things.

10:Law trigrams to check things to break the word.

11:How to communicate with the ancestors in the nether world using the method of Fa Gua.

12:How to use the Fa Gua to check the wrongdoers.

13:How to use Gua to check past life karma.

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Lesson 1


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Lesson 2

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Lesson 3

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