Performing the Northern Transmission of the Maoshan Method 4 Recordings Lecture Notes

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The Northern Transmission of the Mao Mountain Method Four Phases of Performing the Way

1. Northern Maoshan secret three flavors of true fire method, this method contains talismans and unique internal practice for a long time can enter the fire days of the great determination, this three flavors of true fire can burn ten thousand evil.

2. Wind bead, is the northern transmission of Maoshan unique magic weapon can set the evil wind set off by demons.

3. Five yin inviting wealth method, can quickly gather wide wealth for yourself or others.

4. The book of the seven arrows of the nail head is used to punish evil and promote good.

5. It can be used to dissolve the Taiyang for oneself or others.

6. The Northern Transmission Maoshan secret method of breaking the villain, can break the villain for oneself or others.

7. Throat eye method to punish evil and promote good.

8. It can be used to gather money quickly for oneself or others, companies, stores, factories and mines.

9. The secret method of planting the birth base, can plant the birth base for oneself or others.

10. The Secret Method of Sending Cold Clothes in Mao Mountain, which can send cold clothes for one own ancestors or the ancestors of others.

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01. Northern Mao Secret Samadhi Fire Method.mp3 2.13M

02. The Pearl of Fixed Wind.mp3 1.30M

03. Five yin inviting wealth method.mp3 881.30kb

04. The Book of Seven Arrows.mp3 1.49M

05. Northern Mao Mountain unique secret method to transform the Taiyang.mp3 770.06kb

06. Northern Transmission Maoshan Secret Method of Breaking the Villain.mp3 239.77kb

07. Throat eye method.mp3 365.48kb

08. Lian Yun Wang Dian Method.mp3 455.34kb

09. The secret method of planting birth base.mp3 988.03kb

10. The Secret Method of Sending Cold Clothes from Maoshan in the North.mp3 418.64kb

11. The method of releasing ghosts.mp3 962.02kb

Northern Transmission Maoshan Method Phase IV Lesson.pdf 806.96kb

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