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The Secret Method of Heavenly Medicine II Gao Xiang

The Secret Method of Heavenly Medicine can help to attract wealth and also help to remove diseases

1. Inviting wealth with seven star formation

A method to help attract wealth through coins, this method requires enlightenment and transmission of incantations

2、Soul invoking spell

The soul is very important, whether it is a sick person or a person with bad luck, it is all related to the soul. If you want to understand the soul, you can listen to a lesson to understand it, and of course the soul should be invoked after any puja, which is also a way to increase the spirituality of the puja

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1. Spirit Invocation Spell

Laojun Secrets.mp4 2.20M

Spiritual incantation.docx 53.90kb

Spiritual incantation.mp3 1.66M

2. Invocation Seven Star Formation

Fortune Seven Star Array.docx 107.54kb

The Seven Stars of Wealth.mp3 563.34kb

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