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The Secret Method of Heavenly Medicine III Gao Xiang

The Secret Method of Heavenly Medicine can attract wealth and also help to drive away evil spirits and cure diseases

1、Wealth attracting method

:Simple and effective way to attract wealth, the focus is on our bank cards, passbooks, etc. enchantment, drawing charms on our bank cards or passbooks, enchantment has the effect of attracting wealth

2, amulet

Wearing amulets also has the effect of improving luck, the main role of the amulet is to help us reduce disasters and remove bad luck

3、Cure insomnia method

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1. The method of attracting wealth

Void Drawing Charm Hand Technique.mp4 1.65M

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Inviting wealth method talisman.jpg 438.58kb

2. Cure insomnia method

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3. Amulet for body protection

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