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Heavenly Doctor Secret Method IV Gao Xiang

1、Ignorance Mantra

By chanting the mantra to increase our memory this method is simple and practical

2、Wu Long Shui method

This method has the effect of removing bad qi, evil qi and turbid qi, after removing that can enhance wealth and prosperity.

3、Charm for clearing blindness and restoring sight

It is mainly a talisman used for the eyes to make them clear

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1. Overexperience Incantation

Overexperience Incantation.mp3 418.22kb

Spell.jpg 344.28kb

Spell.mp3 104.48kb

2. Five dragon water spell

Five Dragon Water Dharma.mp3 921.23kb

Mantra.jpg 484.62kb

Mantra.mp3 98.44kb

3. Clear Blindness Restoration Charm

Hokuto seal.jpg 134.95kb

Amulet.jpg 352.63kb

Amulet for clearing blindness and restoring sight.mp3 908.02kb

Course introduction.docx 11.39kb

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