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Pan Gu Method II Luo Dao Wang

The Pan Gu method originated from the minority shamans in Guangxi, and has been passed down from generation to generation within the clan, under the tutelage of Mr. Lan Lao, a Yao mage from Du\’an County, Hechi City. This family law lineage is known for its fast results, accurate strikes and overbearing power. Many people see the introduction at a glance, the first feeling will say that the evil arts, quite the contrary some powerful goblin ghosts, evil gods and sorcerers, we have to control evil with evil. Precise strike. As the saying goes, the law is not positive and evil, people are divided into good and bad.

1 – cure evil people law

Violence to violence, kill the evil division evil spirits, scandal.

2-Discharge Needle Technique

This is a peculiar needle technique that can make demons and ghosts, evil people and evil teachers, unable to sleep, unable to eat, unable to pull themselves out of pain and retreat.

3-Soul Calling Technique

Can tune the soul, back to the soul. After being pressed soul can be forced to call back the three souls and seven spirits, the soul back to the body. You can also counterattack back and withhold the soul of the opponent.
4-Discharge the Furies

Collect the dark and ferocious fury of all things in heaven and earth, collect the forbidden back, and precisely strike the demons and devils, evil teachers and evil people. Let them ghost fight ghost, no peace.

5 – Dismantling and Separating Technique

Forceful demolition, the opponent surrender, fascination and cooperation, and cooperation, or pressure soul ban trapped

6-Counterattacking Qiankun palm

Combination of counter-strike, cracking, defense based on an all-in-one technique

7 – Five Thunder Hands
In close quarters fights or to collect dreams of evil demons, fast, accurate, to solve each other, so that the evil person is duly punished

This method vein away from the extremely strange overbearing, hand in hand a move to teach, whether men and women, white, or Buddhist practitioners can learn. There are no taboos

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1. The Law of Healing the Wicked.1

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2. Needle Technique

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3. Soul Calling Technique

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4. The method of releasing the dead

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5. Dismantling and Separation Technique
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6. Reverse hitting Qiankun palm

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7. Five Thunder Hands

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