White Cloud. Three clear spirit talisman novice must enter the Taoism introductory spells

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Information name: Baiyun. Sanqing Spiritual Talisman A must for novices to get started in Taoism spells

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White Cloud. Three Clear Spiritual Talismans A must for novices to get started in Taoism This course covers many levels and is especially suitable for Taoists who want to develop in all aspects

Training content:

1、Setting up altar rituals for the opening of the idol, worship and invocation, and making offerings
2、Establishment of water to purify the house, repel evil spirits and cure diseases
3、Golden light within the refinement of the growth of power, magic spirituality

4, three clear spiritual talisman God of Wealth talisman, peace talisman, study talisman, Taiyang talisman health talisman, house talisman, and the talisman, exorcism talisman, collection alarm talisman

5、Yang house remedial talisman method of various feng shui poor solutions

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