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Content Introduction:

The Shenxiao School is a sect of Taoism. In the late Northern Song Dynasty, it evolved from the Tian Shi Tao and was represented by Wang Wenqing and Lin Lingsu. It is said that the practice of this method can serve the ghosts and gods, cause thunder and rain, and eliminate harm and avoid disasters. Its theory is based on the unity of heaven and man, the induction of heaven and man, and the unity of inside and outside. It is said that the sky and I are one body, and the human spirit is connected with the sky and the five elements of yin and yang, and this sense will be answered by the other. This set of law for the real God of the sky thunder method is not commercially available ordinary spells can be compared. This set of secret law will be systematic learning, later will have practice will be, drive cure a say, more will give you the thunder law which mouth work includes the ancestral gas astral

Training content:

1, Shenxiao change mysterious purpose (so-called \”change God\”, that is, refers to the internal refinement or magic, change and ancestors to increase the power, into a spiritual state, that is, the existence of the transformation of the self, the transformation of the incarnation to become the nine days of the great emperor of the thunder ancestors, the switch to move heaven and earth ten directions.)

2. Gods and banshees out of the soul of the law (retreat from the gods and banshees of heaven and earth, such as Taiyang, such as the general,. If the crane god, if Tai Bai, if nine good, if the sword blade, if the female and male, if the god of gold, if the fire blood, if the body yellow, if hit life, if the three fatal, if the seven fatal, if the yellow streamer leopard tail, if the flying Lian knife anvil, such as the earth family gods and fatalities. (All retreat from the three)

3. Shenxiao eight deadly practice will be the great law (sitting practice God will eight deadly secret number, can get God will protect the blessing, long-term internal refining this work God will naturally protect in the body, the general fairy ghosts are visible God will protect your head.)

4. Gods of the sky Wang Lei repatriation method section (Q Qiao invites the first heavenly general Wang Shuai, repatriation of demonic filth, is one of the secret methods of the Gods of the sky school of exorcism, no matter for the immortal ghosts and monsters are effective.)

5. Shenxiao Xiantian chief general Wang Lei secret trick to treasure Savon cover ghosts ten break secret method (Shenxiao school cover ghosts to collect evil, ten break evil, line with this method must first consider again and again, this method once out of the ghosts and monsters to cut off their way of life, so that ghosts and monsters fall in Fengdu thousand years


6. Thunder arrow brakes a hundred solutions to the Guo magic (a hundred solutions to the heavenly brakes and earthly brakes, the name of the offending external ghosts and gods, demons and monsters brakes close to the body that is destroyed, the ancient Taoist chief is to rely on this method to solve the brakes.)

7. Gods of the sky to cure the prison break method (this method can collect others immortal ghosts and monsters not positive evil gods, can also collect plague to avoid disaster, generally most used to cure the hall, or do not want to go out of the horse, can be driven to cure.)

8. Gods of the sky Thunder Gate bone marrow Myo Xuan soul collection method (this method is used to collect the soul, soul, if a person spirit is pressed button, you can use this as a basis to ask the high true collection of the soul back to the body)

9. Divine Heaven three days all thunder break disease law water (this is the practice of law water, can retreat from disease to solve the evil, long-term use of this law water can purify the foul Qi of the Yuan Shen, to live a long life immortal way)

10. The Gods of Fire Jiao reverses the River of Heaven method (to drive away evil and cure the evil, the five thunderbolts caught in a hurry, to clear for turbidity. (All ghosts are extinguished, all demons are extinct, Lei Zu Da Di peaceful harvest no way ghosts, for the secret art of the sect.)

11. God golden fire Tian Ding ruler method (can be used with the Tian Peng ruler born in the divine opportunity and transport, cultivation of immortality and refining the truth, subdue the devil and control the evil, nothing is based on this.)

12. The Gods of the sky to inculcate the dou jade Chen Tianshu chopping Kan five thunder refining degree method (thunder mysterious method, is the first air, this is the essence of all the methods, the pivot of the Golden Elixir. In the spirit of the treasure is called the Xuanzhu, in the divine sky is called the true king, in the thunder method is called the thunder ancestor, in the refinement of the degree is called water and fire, in the Laojun is called the law master, in the talisman water is called the spiritual light.)

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