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The Shenxiao School is a sect of Taoism. In the late Northern Song Dynasty, it evolved from the Tian Shi Tao, represented by Wang Wenqing and Lin Ling Su. It is said that the practice of this method can serve the ghosts and gods, cause thunder and rain, and eliminate harm and avoid disasters. Its theory is based on the unity of heaven and man, the induction of heaven and man, and the unity of inside and outside. It is said that the sky and I are one body, and the human spirit is connected to the sky and the five elements of yin and yang, and this sense will be answered by the other. This set of law for the real God of the sky thunder method is not commercially available ordinary spells can be compared. This set of secret law will be systematic learning, later will have practice will be, drive cure a say, more will give you the thunder law which mouth work includes the ancestral gas astral

Training content:

1, divine sky thunder chapter secret number (this method is the divine sky school generations of ancestors taught in the altar under the disciples of a heart seal, this heart seal into the talisman can directly sense the ancestor, can get immortal true protection, the devil latent elimination.)

2. The Jade Clear Zhu Lei Zeying repellent treatment method (perform this method in the altar, a thousand calls a thousand responses, ten thousand calls a million spirits, to repel evil and cure the evil, as one of the discipline great method.)

3. (Whenever you practice this method, you can get the general to play on the heavenly palace, and all the four provinces and nine courts can hear it.)

4. (This method can be used to suppress all the divine bogeys, and it can be put on the door to avoid the bogeys.)

5. (The Gods of the sky and the thunder shadow incarnation section (hide the body incarnation into the general and the marshal, line practice this method is equivalent to long-term transformation, all practice this method, later all can directly perform the law without changing into a god.)

6. (When performing the law, all of them will be told to the ancestor one by one, and one by one, so that they can get the blessing of the ancestor by performing a law.)

7. Gods of the sky to avoid evil body protection call practice (in the past, there is a real Yang perform the law in the three temples, the collection of evil innumerable, all master mouth to mouth, when the real Yang body protection in this law, can enter and leave the evil land in the flat.)

8. The seventy-two marshal talisman (there are not seventy-two, but the Marshal Yin regulates the seventy-two marshals to this house to cure the evil, this talisman is very powerful.)

9. God the sky cut off the essence of the devil sweeping law (God the sky exorcism of evil spirits, can sweep away a party of evil spirits, cultivation of great success, can use this method to cut down the altar


10. God the sky nine real thunder gas take law (take gas in the drawing of the talisman is very important, usually the gas taken by the three light five ancestral gas astral, did not know that there are nine real thunder gas can enter the talisman.)

11. (The Gods of the sky Wang Lei great protection of the body to the wonderful talisman (Wang Shuai protection talisman a, this talisman can only be used to protect the body, usually the best mage also wear this talisman, can get Wang Shuai induction.)

12. God Xiao Yin Lei Taiyue talisman (everyone has the time to commit Taiyue, as long as wearing this talisman, the effect of the good, this talisman line up only manage Taiyue.)

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01. Lei Zhang Secret No.

Thunder Chapter Secret Number.mp3 456.47kb

The secret number of the divine sky thunder chapter.docx 119.41kb

02. Yuqing thunder and lightning should be driven to rule

Yuqing zhulei zhi ying drive rule.docx 113.43kb

Yuqing thunder and lightning should be driven away.mp3 636.47kb

03. The secret decree of Wen Gong order

The secret decree of Wen Gong order (use this method before performing the law).docx 11.37kb

The secret decree of Wen Gong order.mp3 1.05M

04. Sugong Charm of Suppressing the Dead

Sugong symbol of calming down the evil.docx 56.41kb

Sugong talisman.mp3 317.95kb

05. Thunder shadow incarnation

5. Thunder Shadow Incarnation.mp3 1.12M

Thunder Shadow Incarnation.docx 106.77kb

Grip.mp4 508.78kb

06. Ming Tan Casting

6. Ming altar casting.mp3 363.09kb

Shenxiao Ming altar casting method: Venerable in front of the altar, performing the method.docx 11.46kb

07. Protecting the body from evil spirits and calling for practice
7. Protecting the body and warding off evil spirits and practicing.mp3 398.39kb

Shenxiao protection against evil practice: former Yang Dazhen.docx 11.67kb

The technique used.mp4 289.95kb

08. Yin Shuai seventy-two waiting

8. Yinshuai Seventy-two Waiting.mp3 535.22kb

Fu Tau.mp4 368.19kb

Yinshuai Seventy-two Housewives.docx 164.19kb

09. Cut off the slain essence and destroy the demon sweeping method

9. Sanguinarian essence exterminating demon sweeping method.mp3 451.55kb

Shenxiao slain essence exterminating demon sweeping method.docx 28.64kb

10. Taking the nine real thunder gas (for drawing charms to take air)

10. Take nine real thunder gas.mp3 357.05kb

Taking the Nine True Thunder Qi.docx 11.19kb

11. Wang Shuai body protection

11. Wang Shuai protect body.mp3 260.16kb

Wang Shuai Body Protection.docx 49.44kb

12. Taiyang amulet

12. Taiyang Fu.mp3 336.38kb

Taiyang Talisman Direct Edict Talisman.docx 35.95kb

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