Min Zhen Daoist Master Lu Dong authorized disciple Tian Xi to teach Shang Qing Heavenly Physician water ban method recording documentation courseware

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Information name: Min Zhen Daoist Master Lu Dong authorized disciple Tian Xi to teach Shang Qing Heavenly Healing Water Ban Method recording document courseware

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Tianqi is the sister of Zhongwen. Mandarin is clear and good

All the Lutong disciples\’ recordings have a very good reputation.

Master Lu Taoist, the great master of Shangqing Heavenly Healing Altar, instructed his disciples to teach the Shangqing Heavenly Healing Forbidden Water Law, to show the path of the law to the destiny, to open the wisdom of the public, and to hope that the public will diligently practice the wonderful law and obtain blessings together.

As the name implies, it is the use of the energy of water, which is the medium through which the practitioner own energy and thoughts resonate with heaven and earth.

The Water Ban Method of Heavenly Medicine can purify the turbid qi, dissolve the obscene qi, endow the righteous qi of Yang Ming, condense the true essence of Tai Yin, and harmonize the yin and yang of the person.

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Heavenly Medicine Water Ban Method PDF

A. A bowl of water for all diseases

Two: The method of forbidden water for headaches
Three, forbidden water to attract wealth law

Four, forbidden water gathering secret law

Five, forbidden water to promote the law of the nobleman

Six, the prohibition of water to cure kidney deficiency law

Seven, the prohibition of water to promote peach blossom

Eight, dissolve the fire burning Tianmen method

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