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Kunlun School practical talisman secret method three just

1 Tai Shang Lao Jun alchemist defense and security talisman (not only can protect the peace but also can dissolve the Taiyang)

2 Twelve Earthly Branches talisman (not only can dissolve the evil spirits in feng shui in the direction of the Earthly Branches, but also can be applied at the same time with the security talisman)

3 Ten Heavenly Stems amulet (better for the general use of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches)
4 Eight trigrams security talisman (eight trigrams, one talisman for each trigram)
5 Four Seasons Security Charm
The above 36 talisman method except Laojun alchemical security talisman, all the remaining talisman Yin and Yang house can be used.

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6. The method of replenishing heart power (Seven True Talismans).docx 391.71kb

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