Five episodes of the Lushan school of healing techniques practical class

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Name of information: five episodes of the Lushan School of Healing Techniques Practical Class

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Five sets of the Lushan School of Healing Techniques practical class, including the following content.

1、Retreating the three fatalities, whether it is the construction of the earth, or once touched by the plowing of the house, light headache and fever, heavy just fainted and unconscious, if not retreat seven to fifteen days will be in danger of death, so retreating the three fatalities is one of the most powerful incantations in the Lucan school of healing.

2, send all the way evil V god, once a person meets will be in a trance, six gods, the force is incomparable, the language is inconsistent, people commonly called God V epileptic, this method to mobilize the five battalions of Mount Lushan soldiers

Drive away the calamity of heart cold and sickness, drive up the golden car and drive away all diseases.

3, draw water to drive away the evil

There is a master to pass V degrees disciples, a great show of power

Drive away a hundred banshees from a thousand miles away.

4、Protecting the body and hiding the body to hang the bucket V spell, this is the necessary method of protection for every law V master, each door and school has different protection of the god V spell, special faction dedicated. The three souls and seven spirits return to the body, the five parties on the great luck.


28, refining out of the V horse V fairy.

29、Send all the evil V gods.

30、The medium V child on the V body, is directly dominated by the spirit body of the immortal Buddha, can check the cause of the disease. And then according to the condition of the right medicine.

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