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Teacher Qingxuan Yuqing Xuantian secret method video document method class


1、Invite Master Zeus (you can invite Xuantian God, the two generals of the turtle and snake and other ancestors to use that is the spirit, that invites that is the spirit)

2、Invite saint to the altar (this method can be used in case of external emergency)

3、Transformation of carp to wipe out the evil (transformed into the real Emperor Wu to sweep away the demons)

4、Seeking the general to send troops (recruiting the turtle and snake to lead the two soldiers and horses to do the work for themselves, all the things they asked for will be fulfilled)

5、Xuantian water law (this water can be swept away evil and can also cure disease and save people)

6, debt collection law (can collect debts for themselves and others, the specific effect depends on the size of the decision)

7, to attract money to the family law (this method can be called ten parties to the financial Xing their own home can also recruit money for others)

8, the Taiyang (can resolve the value of the year Taiyang)

9, the seven-star sword sacrifice (this method is dedicated to the sacrifice of seven

12, the Golden Dipper method (this method can solve the power of the Golden Dipper, open the altar to perform the law without fail)

13, Xuantian inviting wealth method (this method can help themselves to attract wealth and treasure can also be for others to attract wealth and treasure)

14, a four-sided air formation (this formation can enhance the feng shui of Yang house to enhance their own luck)

15, the four elephant array (this formation to invite the four saints of the North Pole to enhance the feng shui of the Yang house and help themselves to attract wealth and treasure)

16, the sacrifice method (this method can ask the Xuantian Emperor to bless the magic weapon applicable to all magic weapons)

17、Xuantian Bao Fu (contains peace, attract wealth, pray for blessings, and harmony, and so on, to suppress the evil Fu)

18、Xuantian Fu mo Da fa (this method is the fundamental method for the Xuantian Emperor secret method)

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