Jin Longzi teacher lectures heaven and earth energy multiplication method fast treatment of burns and fever reduction magic method sword finger strengthening trick

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Information name: Jin Longzi teacher lecture Heaven and Earth energy multiplier method rapid treatment of burns fever reduction magic method sword finger strengthening trick

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The teacher of the Golden Dragon has learned a variety of magic veins such as Maoshan, Yinshan, Cai Shen, Yu Xu, etc. The spells taught are after many years of practice, the effect is remarkable, the road to simplicity, that is, to learn and use.

Course introduction: In today world, pollution is serious, the aura is insufficient, it is not easy to practice, this method for three minutes a day, can make the practice of the ground, the aura increases several times, regardless of the practice of any magic chakra, there are obvious effects.

This method does not need to cultivate, over the work that is used, the voice within the material that is over the method of transmission, follow a few more times can be used.

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Sword Finger Strengthening Technique

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Rapid healing of burns and fever

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The method of multiplying the spiritual energy of heaven and earth
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