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The role of the round light art is listed briefly as follows:

1. Check the complementary yang and yin wealth library. Check the size of the treasury, no breakage, whether there is any interference.

2. Repay the Yin debt of the life body. Come to the ancestor or Cao Guan and ask how much needs to be repaid.

3. Open the light to the elephant god and invite the god to take his seat.

4. Check and cure the disease. Look into the pain in the body of a loved one, where the discomfort in their own body that pain, where the discomfort, what is caused, can be Check.

5. unmarried women and men body single to promote the edge. See if there is interference, obstruction, please come to God to hold the red line. The future other half look, height, education, zodiac, when what appears, that direction, do what industry

6, wife and husband marriage and cooperation, regulate the relationship between husband and wife.

7、See the direction of the lost person, where they are, good or bad

8, to see if there is a disaster, whether the person is under the evil law, how to resolve how, to break the evil law,.

9、Check the career, check the official luck, how such as prosperous career, how to promote official luck.

10, check the world before and the future of the homecoming.

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