Xuan Wu Lu replenishing the treasury koji (Phase II) by Mr. Huan Qing

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Information name: Xuan Wu Lu supplemental Cai Ku Ke Yi (Phase 2) by Huan Qing Sensei

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1, what is the \”treasury\”, what is his role, this is not the same as the traditional sense of \”treasury\”

2, the cloth altar open section, how to make up the treasury section ceremony, this method is derived from 《 Cai Nerve》 and 《 Cai Shen Talisman》, and by the gods pointing, Fang conception made

3, how to sacrifice on the section to attract wealth items, and talismans, etc., can be offered on the altar, can carry

4, how to turn gold fire offerings, earthly a paper into the underworld to replenish the treasury silver

5, there is an altar on the line, regardless of folk law line, Taoist, witch, out of the horse immortal family, the family has a good faith in the Buddha Hall, dedicated to protect the good faith in the Hall, can be used, dedicated to Zhao Gongming Marshal for the best, if no offerings can be set up at the opening of the section \”Dragon and Tiger Xuan Tan Zhao Gongming Marshal position\”, will teach how to set up

6, the items needed: the order (Xuan Tan order is the best), about 30 candles, about 20 cups of water, flowers and fruits, seven incense, five-sided flag (there is the best), the blessing of the Lord of blessing position (teach how to do), the best chime, blessing items, several talismans (will teach how to draw) table paper (used to write the table text), fire supplies (the opening of the class will tell what needs to be burned) to avoid the traditional ceremony stepping on the dipper, hand decision flying dipper, and so on. This section does not require any basic skills, there is an altar on the line.

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