Ziyang teacher nine days of Zao Wang to eliminate disasters and pray for blessings

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The nine days of Zao Wang to eliminate disasters and pray for blessings

This course is presented by Mr. Zi Yang.

1、The secret method to protect the family good fortune and prosperity by the God of Peace, the God of the Land, Zao Jun, the God of Good Fortune.
2、JiuTianShiZaoZhenGun retreats from children disease and illness method
3、The nine days of the Lord of fortune to pray for blessings to drive away evil spirits to protect the life of the soul law

4. Zaoshen prosperity law

5. Passing on the divine transmission of the Zao King disaster elimination talisman and how to use

This divine transmission talisman method has the function of remote processing with thousand miles flying talisman

Function: To eliminate disasters such as population disturbances and financial losses

6、God transmits the partial wealth talisman (only one period of transmission)

This talisman method has the function of remote treatment of thousand-mile flying talisman

This course does not require the establishment of altar

The merits of promoting the Dao are immense

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1. Anjia god land zaojun fudaozheng god protects the family with great luck

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2. Divine transmission of Zaojun amulet

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3. The Nine Heavenly Fates of Zaojun retreating from the Pediatric Guanshu

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4. The nine days of the Lord of the Secretary of the sick prayer to exorcise evil spirits to protect the life of the soul law

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5. God Passing Partial Wealth Charm

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6. Zaoshen wangcai method

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