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Purple Chen Teacher《 Practical Secret Taoism Phase II》

Video Recording Documentation

This series of courses, all have the right to transmit the law, you can pass to their own family disciples, but not indiscriminately, or else the consequences are their own.

At the same time this course will have multiple eggs, there may be eggs involving the invitation of soldiers, while the volume of the course is slightly more, there may be two days of course explanation

1. Secret snow mountain water method. Snow mountain g water, as the name implies is the meaning of cold snow cream, its effectiveness is very wide, both internal and external verification, can be treated with snow mountain water, while snow mountain water also has a very high fever and fever reduction effect.

2. Secret great protection amulet. People go out or disciples to perform the law, inevitably there is negligence not noticed or unexpected disaster, this big body protection talisman, is the most powerful talisman in the body protection talisman, so called the big body protection, and other body protection peace talisman is different, the general peace talisman body protection talisman only prohibit evil ghosts, to avoid the bane. This body protection talisman can also be separated from the evil master defeated saint, can be better to perform the law to protect the body

3. Water law enhancement method. This method is specifically used for water law, such as the King of Medicine water to drive away evil water law, with it can be very substantial after the enhancement of water law law, half the effort, a bowl of water with the enchantment after the immediate effect.

4. and the law of the charm. This method is relative to the method taught in the previous lesson, is the martial law, the effect will be stronger and faster, this method can be used with the above method, the effect will be immediate and multiplied with half the effort.

5. Secret peach blossom method. This method can increase the peach blossom can also be broken outside of the peach blossom, there can enhance feelings to reduce the affair, and increase the effectiveness of the peach blossom, this method is simple and easy to start, do not need talisman, but feng shui pendulum method, with this method to perform the law is not easy to be noticed and can play a strange effect.

6. Traveling cover body law. This method is out of the door before the proverbial good to go out without looking at the calendar, go out far away there are things also need to choose the day, if the day is not good, and have to go out, then fear of offense collision, this time out of the door with this method, you can protect the body security, simple and portable.

7. Nine stars cultivation method. This method is the practice of the law, can be practiced every day, is not unusually difficult, simple and portable, and more practical, after the practice of the law can also be applied to exorcise evil, on top of the cure. Both can exorcise evil and cure disease. It is the best choice.

8. Nine Dragons Bone Water Method. This method is more common, although the use of very little, mostly used for throat stuck things, stuck fish spikes when the use of. The law is small but must be necessary, just in case.

9. The method of collecting fright. This method both children and adults, sometimes have lost their souls, this method is to call on the Zao Jun and the family home incense six gods, to recover the lost soul, but also to calm the soul.

10. The law of the punishment of the wicked. Although this method is the law of punishment of the wicked, but also a small punishment of the great sincerity of the law, the main purpose is to admonish rather than harm people, although the law is small, but the power should not be underestimated, and not to be used indiscriminately. This method does not require much information, you can hold it if you know your name and appearance.

11. The god of the earth asks the earth to pray. This method is to play the land to ask the interpretation of things, so as to determine whether the encounter is good or bad, is a disaster or a blessing.

12. Adding yin and yang two library method. This method is to enhance the source of wealth by adding yin and yang two libraries, so as to enhance the source of wealth, the method of great fortune. Unlike the general method of promoting wealth, this method is to replenish wealth so as to increase the source of wealth from the root.

13. Open the wealth door to promote wealth law. Everyone has a treasury, so everyone will also have a wealth door, as long as there is inventory, once the wealth door is open, the speed and number of sources of wealth will have a significant increase.

14. Hidden soul method. This method is simple and inexpensive line with, can be used in conjunction with the pre-course incarnation of the hidden body, etc., the effect will be even better, this method is a long-term wear with, do not have to worry about the need to collect the soul shouting prana and so on, with the use of the effect will be better, alone the use of power is not to be underestimated, can make the evil spirits do not see, defeated saints do not hear.

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