Mr. Zichen lectured on the second phase of the Tianshifu Family Marshal Charm

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Information name: Zichen teacher lectures Tianshifu Family Marshal Charm Method II

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The Tianshifu family inherited marshal talisman law phase II, Zichen teacher, the Tianshifu talisman fa also divided into the family transmission of the House, the so-called Lotus talisman head on the market now is the House transmission of talisman fa, and the family transmission is very far from here to pass down This method is the real 63 generation of the old Tianshifu family transmission of the talisman book into, not the so-called Lotus talisman head on the market of the House transmission of fa of fa, the family transmission of fa is not necessarily different, but the true transmission of a word, is the House transmission with Other can not be compared.

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