Golden Dragon Son. The statue of the deity mounted Tibetan opening magic weapon opening ritual recording text material

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Information name: Golden Dragon Son. The statue of the deity mounted Tibetan enlightenment puja enlightenment ritual recording text information

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The statue of the gods installed hidden open light magic weapon open light sacrifice Jin Longzi

The teacher, Jin Longzi, has a variety of fa lines such as Maoshan, Yinshan, Cai Shen, Yu Xu, and Miaojiang compulsion. The fa arts taught are all practiced for many years with remarkable results.

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This method has been practiced by Jin Longzi for many years, with simple operation and practicability (no good fa, no practicability has no meaning)

1 all idols (including Buddhists, Taoists, folk) a complete set of enlightenment mounted into the spirit of the method, simple and practical, the effect is great.

2 all the magic weapon (law seal, token, law fan, etc.), a complete set of light into the spirit of sacrifice method, simple and practical, the effect is great.

No need to set up an altar.

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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/09/22B09121. Dharma Tools-Jin Long Zi/

Lesson cross-reference voice

01. The Law of Defilement.mp3 213.05kb

02. Dissolution of the Furies Mantra.mp3 102.66kb

03. Enlightenment spell.mp3 45.00kb

04. Entering the spirit (enchanting all spells).mp3 66.52kb

05. Sacrifice of magic weapons.mp3 76.36kb

06. Attachment of collection I.mp3 114.33kb

07. Fitting Collection Simplified.mp3 119.95kb

08. Fitting Collection II.mp3 108.98kb

09. Fitting Collection III.mp3 54.28kb

10. Fitting the Tibetan Mantra.mp3 98.44kb

11. Pointing the God Mantra.mp3 79.59kb

Chrysostom.mp3 37.97kb

Course Introduction.docx 11.48kb

Imazumi Imazumi (with Q&A).docx 449.40kb

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