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Luo Tian Zhu Jyutsu III

1. Inviting the gods (inviting our ancestor, Xuan Yuan Huang Di, and the gods of the Five Thunder Heavenly Hospitals, to help the disciple perform the method of healing).
2. Blessing to send troops and generals (this method is used to summon the gods of the Heavenly Hospital, which can be used to pray for blessings, remove disasters and avoid illnesses, and solve disasters.
3. Blessed by the heavenly doctor gourd (this gourd placed in the home, can cure diseases, adjust the feng shui in the house, increase the yang energy, so that men and women in the house

4 blessing wish incense method (incense is a special item, not only can get immortal true induction, but also can use the blessing wish method to wish incense, so that this incense to cure diseases, increase yang energy, regulate the mind, the effect is excellent.)

5 heavenly doctor purification house law (many people are often sick is the home has a sickness or a brake, how to save, can use this method, drive pain energy.)

6. Heavenly Doctor to collect the frightening and peaceful soul method (often people offended by the frightened to, you can use this method to collect the soul, stabilize the soul, so that this

7 Heavenly Doctor wash obscene water (people inevitably infected with some evil five poisonous gas later in life, can use this method to wash the evil gas, so that they can

8 day doctor sun and moon exhalation method (every day you can practice in this, take the essence of the sun and moon, so that their essence to enhance the practice of this method to extend the whole

9. Heavenly Doctor wishes to confess (people have diseases, many are the law of cause and effect, how to save the solution, you can use the law of this confession, can themselves I

10 heavenly doctor talisman (this talisman can drink, can wear, can be posted at home, used to cure or prevent disease, this method a full set of internal

11. Wish by heavenly healer hand (this method used up, used to treat years of pain, the effect is good, this is the secret method of heavenly healer.)

12 Heavenly Doctor Gives Medicine Water Method (Enlighten the Heavenly Hospital Immortal Masters and Honored Gods to give medicine water to relieve illness and well-being, to give blessings and eliminate disasters, and to rely on the same good deeds

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