Dongxuan. The water sutra beginner intermediate exercise video 11 episodes

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Information name: Dongxuan. Video of the Beginning Intermediate Steps of the Water Sutra

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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/10/22B10008. Dongxuan 御水初 中/

Imperial Water Primer

Elementary holistic walkthrough. mp4.mp4 9.17M

Flooding.mp4 10.24M

化水二课.mp4 8.59M

Chemistry of Water I Lesson.mp4 15.50M

Start chapter decryption. mp4.mp4 15.57M

Yunshui.mp4 13.84M

Mid-stage water

Middle order irrigation. mp4.mp4 6.64M

Middle stage water transformation. mp4.mp4 8.55M

Middle stage water transportation second stage. mp4.mp4 12.08M

Middle-order water transportation first paragraph.mp4 8.06M

Intermediate overall drill. mp4.mp4 10.59M

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