Chu Heng Gu Haidong folk daoist video 10 episodes

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16 Folk Daoism Lesson 01: Setting up the altar: the choice of location Inviting the gods to the law Common incantations.mp4 1.25G

The 16th Folk Taoism Lesson 02 Qingming Topics.mp4 2.17G

The 16th Folk Taoism Lesson 03 New house into the house, old house renovation, second-hand house into the house.mp4 2.75G

The 16th period of the folk Taoism Lesson 04: The solution of the eight characters in the prediction.mp4 2.09G

16 Folk Taoism Lesson 05 Feng Shui master, Taoist doctor, set up the altar of the necessary.mp4 1.74G

The 16th folk Taoism lesson 06 open the door of wealth method inviting gold and silver into the house quit smoking quit drinking quit gambling charm.mp4 422.10M

The 16th period of the folk Taoism lesson 07 the method of opening the light of the Heavenly Master withdrawing the altar to withdraw the law of God.mp4 532.50M

The 16th period of the folk Taoism Lesson 08 Shangqing Heavenly Doctor altar Xiaomi resolve nightmares hiding broken villain law.mp4 1.46G

The 16th period of the folk Taoist method Lesson 09 Tianshifu talisman Hundred solutions to eliminate disaster talisman Zhao Yuanshui to attract money talisman.mp4 535.55M

16 Folk Dao Lesson 10 Test Questions Explained.mp4 292.00M

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