Taiwan folk Maoshan secret method a total of 79 talisman law video 4 sets

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Taiwan folk Maoshan secret method a total of 79 talisman method [electronic video sent to Baidu.com]

A, Maoshan body protection and life protection law (Maoshan unique life protection law)

Two, Maoshan promote horizontal wealth law (bad fortune can rush to promote wealth)

Three, Maoshan four sea source of wealth method (divine access to the four seas of wealth)

Four, Maoshan to promote the five ways to the god of wealth law

Five, Mao Mountain inviting wealth and prosperity method (prosperity and prosperity body secret method)

Six, borrowing Yin wealth secret method (commonly known as the secret method of hair Yin wealth)

Seven, five ghosts to attract wealth law

Eight, Maoshan palm thunder secret method (in addition to the Yin evil with)

Nine, Maoshan ancestor Yu Ji spells

X. Maoshan true ruler to change the luck of the art (can seek smooth, all things lucky)

XI, Maoshan Taiyi fire talisman decision (can eliminate all diseases and evils)

Twelve, Maoshan to resolve the yin disease brake law

Thirteen, Maoshan to turn the evil against the lucky art (evil disaster to turn the lucky method of prosperity)

XIV. Maoshan knife wang revenge techniques

XV. Maoshan Jiugu Crystal Ball Sacrifice Technique

XVI. Maoshan Jiugu Harmonization Technique

XVII. Maoshan Knife Urn Yin Gong Technique

XVIII. Maoshan Shangqing Secret Technique

XIX. Wanfa Wangtan talisman technique
Twenty, five thunder copper shackles

Twenty-one, Maoshan male and female separation talisman

22. Maoshan talisman for preventing men from having an affair
Twenty-three, Maoshan Tian Luo Di Di Net method

Twenty-four, Maoshan to resolve official litigation prison

Twenty-five, Maoshan thunder and fire divine needle magic

Twenty-six, the four seasons of anti-inflammatory descending blessing spiritual method

Twenty-seven, purification method

Twenty-eight, the house to exorcise evil offenders

Twenty-nine, family success spirit charm

Thirty, the punching of joy and mourning solution method

Thirty-one, nine words of protection spell

Thirty-two, the law of breaking the earth to suppress the demons

33, the statue of the gods retreat law

Thirty-four, five ghosts to invite the Yin finger spell: the law of attracting wealth

Thirty-five, Maoshan Laojun hiding method

Thirty-six, peach branch clean house law

Thirty-seven, cut shape buried town law

Thirty-eight, pinch the surface to do the shape of the spirit of the law

39. Taiyi method of resolving injustice
Forty, the twelve star demons resolve the law

Forty-one, the five land repair and construction of the original life of the method of resolving

Forty-two, to solve the retreat of the whole person spell

Forty-three, reverse the evil witch within the secret

Forty-four, the evil master witch harm avoid body law

Forty-five, Maoshan to resolve the child gold lock brake law

Forty-six, Maoshan enhance the power of the law

Forty-seven, Maoshan hit the evil master law

Forty-eight, bewitched spirits and legal

Forty-nine, debt collection method

Fifty, open light point eyes according to the law of God

Fifty-one, overtaking the dead law

Fifty-two, security treasury

Fifty-three, A horse retribution law

54、The law of the god of good fortune
55、The law of An Taiyang

56、Maoshan praying secret method (Maoshan transit technique)

Fifty-seven, the transfer of disease

Fifty-eight, the law of retreat

59、Luojing enlightenment method

Sixty, the law of recovery of lost people

Sixty-one, solve the evil law (drink more Malt grass head, mimosa of water)

Sixty-two, the law of quick fortune

Sixty-three, the whole family and harmony

64. Five thunderbolts to break the evil palm

65, straw man substitute charm

Sixty-six, seeking merit

Sixty-seven: Invisibility

Sixty-eight: Harmonization of water and harmony

Sixty-nine, store four-sided gathering wealth law

Seventy, cut peach blossom

Seventy-one, exorcism, detoxification and cure method

Seventy-two, five ghosts chasing the soul charm

Seventy-three, repairing the law of warriors and generals

Seventy-four, Maoshan urchin become good art

Seventy-five, Maoshan stop insomnia

Seventy-six, the evil into the house suppression method

Seventy-seven, the ancient copper five emperor money to dissolve the bogey to promote the law of wealth

Seventy-eight, solve the yin and Yang two house offenses spirit talisman

Seventy-nine, the nine days of the Xuanwu cure the disease and the town law

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