Difficult and complicated disease practical secrets (needle method plus secret formula) textbook PDF document 12 pages

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Information name: Difficult and miscellaneous diseases practical secrets (needle method plus secret formula) textbook PDF document 12 pages

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This book of secrets is a famous veteran Chinese medicine clinical 100 hit special recipe techniques, now edited into a book to contribute to the country colleagues

Will help you on the road to fame without detours

The operation is simple, there are pictures and text, a look will be, a full set of content as follows :

1, breast enlargement three needle therapy

2. Acupuncture secrets for stroke hemiplegia

3. Head acupuncture, umbilical acupuncture, and panchakarma acupuncture

4. One-minute cure for hand numbness

5、Secret recipe for vaginitis

6、Secret recipe for cervical erosion

7、Secret recipe for presbyopia

8、Pimple recipe

9、Appendicitis recipe

10、Lumbar spondylolisthesis orthopedic techniques and acupuncture techniques

11、Pubic reduction techniques and herbal recipes

12. Orthopedic techniques and herbal recipes for femoral head necrosis

13. Hypertension techniques, acupuncture and herbal recipes

14、Ligation, injection, bleeding therapy and hemorrhoid cream recipe for hemorrhoids

15、The great tonic acupuncture and herbal recipe for prolapse

16. The secret formula for external application of fox deodorant

17、Special recipe for mouth ulcers

18、Bone setting techniques for heel pain and the secret recipe for herbal infusion

19、Bone setting and acupuncture techniques for tennis elbow

20、Acupuncture techniques for knee pain

21、Peach blossom acupuncture for women to say goodbye to sexual frigidity

22、Powerful pills, so that men 80 still youthful

23, aphrodisiac Shen Gong six methodological steps

24. Herbal recipes for stomach ulcers

25, acute lumbar sprains of the second best technique

26、Secret recipe for chronic pharyngitis

24、Secret recipe for hepatitis B conversion

28、Secret recipe for allergic rhinitis

29、Secret recipe for frozen shoulder

30、Drainage of cold acupuncture

31、Drainage of dampness acupuncture

32、Secret recipe for gout breakthrough

Here you do not need to spend thousands of tuition to learn various skills training courses

Let you spend the least amount of money, without leaving home to learn the most practical clinical special effects techniques

The operation is simple, there are pictures and text, once you see it, you will know.

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