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Pure dry goods, directly teach you how to use needles

Under each section there are five or six different diseases with acupuncture points explained in detail

Section I: cervical spondylosis (with pillow)
Section 2: Large spine package
Section 3: Neck and shoulder syndrome
Section IV: lumbar disc protrusion leg numbness

Section V: low back pain

Section VI: femoral head necrosis sciatica

Section 7: Knee, leg

Section VIII: where the knee pain to find the corresponding point acupuncture points

Section IX: ankle joint pain

Section X: Heel pain

Section XI: pain in the whole body

Section XII: myopia

Section XIII: laryngitis

Section XIV: Tinnitus, deafness, and toothache

Section XV: Hypertension and diabetes mellitus

Section XVI: Gynecological breast

Section XVII: Hemorrhoids

Section XVIII: Itchy skin

Section XIX: Herpes zoster, urticaria

Section 20: Kidney tonic, prostate, spleen health

Section XXI: Acute gastroenteritis, constipation

Section 22: Sweating for weight loss

Section 23: Heart disease

Section 24: Stroke and hemiplegia


Psychiatric acupuncture

Fever-reducing acupuncture

Kidney cyst stitches

Warm reminder: this material is for reference only, please do not imitate learning for lay people

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