Chen Anyi Astrologer IP Realization& Horoscope writing class video 29 episodes

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00. Astrologer IP Camp is on ~.mp4 48.76M

01 Lesson 1.mp4 97.55M

02. Lesson 2.mp4 108.46M

03. Lesson 3 (above).mp4 130.75M

03. Lesson 3 (below).mp4 171.59M

04. Lesson 4.mp4 78.82M

05. Lesson 5.mp4 108.16M

06. Lesson 6.mp4 88.36M

07. Lesson 7.mp4 106.80M

08. Lesson 8.mp4 84.77M

09. Lesson 9.mp4 107.01M

10. Lesson 10.mp4 67.74M

11. Lesson 11.mp4 100.55M

12. Lesson Twelve.mp4 83.36M

13. Lesson 13.mp4 80.51M

14. Lesson 14.mp4 134.23M

15. Lesson 15.mp4 80.74M

16. Lesson 16.mp4 74.65M

17. Lesson 17.mp4 66.93M

18. Lesson 18.mp4 78.42M

19. Lesson 19.mp4 58.75M

20. Lesson 20.mp4 82.69M

21. Lesson 21.mp4 86.53M

22. Lesson 22.mp4 67.16M

23. Lesson 23.mp4 81.14M

24. Lesson 24.mp4 111.74M

25. Lesson 25.mp4 78.03M

26. Lesson 26.mp4 89.70M

27. Closing Camp.mp4 257.75M

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