Dongxuan health protection method of eliminating water enlightenment recording video

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Information name: Dongxuan Health Safeguard Method of eliminating water enlightenment recording video

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Dongxuan – health protection method to eliminate water enlightenment, dissolve and lower the body blockage fluid, strengthen the meditation fruit effect.

Purpose: To prevent holding up during sports, exercise and imperial water, which affects physical comfort.

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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/11/22B11046. Dong Xuan Xie Shui Wisdom/

01 Prosperous Water Wisdom Lecture 1.m4a 13.28M

02 Free Water Enlightenment – Lecture 2.m4a 11.99M

03 Water Enlightenment-Third Lecture.m4a 10.84M

04Water enlightenment – Lecture 4.m4a 8.38M

05Water enlightenment – Lecture 5.m4a 4.44M

06Water enlightenment-Sixth lecture.m4a 12.08M

07 Water Enlightenment – Seventh Lecture.m4a 12.72M

08 Water Enlightenment-Eighth Lecture.m4a 3.71M

09 Prosperity Enlightenment – Lecture 9.m4a 11.86M

Free water enlightenment 01.mp4 12.64M

Free water enlightenment 02.mp4 11.17M

Free water enlightenment 03.mp4 13.88M

Free Water Goku 04.mp4 13.08M

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